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As many of you know, I have a podcast that goes by the name of, “She Blows It”, where I explore the Chakras and how they connect with everything and everyone present in our lives. If you haven’t checked the podcast out, then here you go. The link is on me, LOL. In order to dive deep within myself and control these feisty Chakras of mine, I have to take some time to meditate and get my mind together! Since meditation helped me( of all people) get my mind together, I wholeheartedly believe that it’ll help you IF you trust the process and work towards the mindset of elevating your consciousness each time you practice. You’ll be the meditation king/queen, I tell ya! The disclaimer is as follows: this is a practice! If this is your first time only, then you may feel like you are doing it wrong, but you aren’t. This practice requires you to pull the chaos out of your body, so it’s far from being easy and there isn’t any instant gratification until you learn how to wrap your mind around your intentions and believe in them.

I’d almost given up on meditation because I felt like it never worked. I didn’t know what was supposed to happen, or how my body was supposed to feel because I simply couldn’t focus on myself, WHATSOEVER! After I would, “meditate”, I would feel like nothing even happened and it was pointless; sometimes, I would still feel as anxious and sometimes, even more anxious than I did before I attempted my half ass practice. Fast forward a year later and now I can’t go a day without meditation. While mastering the art of meditation it raises you up to another level of consciousness and being. The vibration from meditation is so strong that you begin to immediately feel the effects of not meditating and it’s then you realize that this is what you’ve been missing all along. The challenge lies in creating an environment where you can thrive in for your meditation practice, keeping your eye on the prize, and breathing. If you struggle with meditation, I have a method that may work for you and I’m excited to share my meditation mind with you, so grab some wine, relax, and get into my meditation mind.

After you find a comfy, quiet spot that you can call your own for about a half hour, seat yourself in lotus pose, or whatever is comfortable and close your eyes:

Picture being at a game show like the price is right, but with a bit of a twist. Behind your eyelids, envision a large, shiny, black stage embellished with black décor curtains swelling high up in the air. The stage consumes the better half of the room. There's slots cut vertically severing through the middle of the stage, allowing room for what resembles Plinko chips on steroids, to slide down into the hole of nothingness. The Plinko chips represent our ambivalence toward society, insecurities, lack of motivation, and EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK! As each Plinko chip hovers of you like a space ship, use your internal strength to push each Plinko chip down into the hole of nothingness.

In my mind, I see Plinko chips of my own self demise floating out of random parts of my mind and during meditation, I give myself an opportunity to get rid of any thoughts floating around that serve me no good. After I meditate, I feel so balanced, so centered, mentally clear, clear in my heart, and pure with my intentions. I hope that you will too!

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