Strawberry Moon 2022: It's Lit!

Interactions are different, schedules are changing, fights are breaking out everywhere, people are killing each other(as usual), and attitudes are changing during this period and time. If matter matters, and when thinking about everything that is made up of matter which is everything, then we understand how the alignment of the universe matters and how it affects us individually. Have you been feeling off for the past few days? If so, you may be impacted by the sudden shift in energy in this full moon. Why? Because it’s all about alignment. The Strawberry moon will be hanging over us until tomorrow, so stay tuned. Stay tuned into yourself and everything going on around you; not just for this moon, but for many moons to come, and just in general.

The lunar cycle, energy, and the universe are connected in obvious ways that aren’t recognized, spoken about, or even thought of. It’s overall underrated; especially, if you’re a believer in science. Whether you believe in science or not, the facts are that there’s massive amounts of energy in space that we can’t control. This is the time to be still, open minded, creative, manifesting, and ridding yourself of things that don’t serve you.

When we go outside tonight, the moon will look super large because it’s so close to the earth, like approximately 200,000 some odd miles away from Earth, which places us closer and closer to the energy we can’t control. What we can do is, work to navigate these inexplicable energies using our own rituals, whatever they may be.

No! The sky isn’t going to turn pink, red, or into a strawberry. The name is derived from the Farmers Almanac, which serves as a guide for croppers to gauge picking time for crops, like Strawberries, lol. There’s just a vibe associated with lunar cycles in general from the full moon to the new moon. The universe plays musical chairs during these cycles, as during the full moon cycle the moon, earth and sun are in alignment; whereas, during the new moon the, the moon is juxtaposed to the sun and earth.

Now, this moon peeked out this morning at 7:52am eastern daylight time according to sources and at perigee, or at its peak. That doesn’t mean you missed it because according to the space folks, we won’t see it more visibly until 12 hours after its peak time which will be around Sunset; for us in South Florida tonight, that will be at approximately 8:14 pm eastern daylight time. For more commentary on the strawberry moon, check out the She Blows It podcast available on apple, spotify, google podcast, and where all podcasts can be found! Send me your strawberry moon photos on IG @ Lib3r8ed.

Happy Moon watching!

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