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Random thoughts:Vibrations and Karma

Let’s get into our feelings and get in touch with them; let say, hey we see you, but we’ll let you pass along. We have these mixed feelings and they seem to harbor, fester, and multiply in our lives. What do we do? Where do they even come from? Me, being who I am, I know exactly where they come from:

  • Negative energy in your soul; manifested, by the thoughts of not being accomplished, you didn’t get the 4.0 GPA you wanted, you’re misunderstood; which, I can relate to; we are just so harsh on ourselves.

  • We get mixed feelings when there is a significant difference in opinion in relationships.

  • Maybe, just maybe, you are one that will try so hard to keep everything steady, and it’s such a battle within yourself because you’re bi polar as fuck.

Eliminating some of the negativity in life has helped me gain a new appreciation for it. All though I worry myself time and time again, I appreciate life’s most challenging moments. I appreciate them because they’ve helped me understand so many things about myself and about the world. It’s through the world that I discovered gratitude.

I make it a point to show gratitude towards the universe. I wrote something, with no name; it reads “I sit surrounded by the earth rotating the sun; with the energy of the waves crashing against me, it is then I begin to see. I begin to wire a connection from my soul, to the earth and hope that they can wash away all negative vibrations before the next rising sun”.

See, that’s the new level that I am on. Where we put our energy is exactly where we will be and it will always come back around.


At the peak of life, we search for our souls like wanderlusts; traveling from city-to-city, state-to-state, or country-to-country; mainly, because we want to find our souls, allow ourselves to understand the true meaning of life, and to discover peace. As we boldly approach self-connectedness, we startle ourselves, as we’ve never imagined anything like this; we’ve never imagined that we would have the audacity to walk through the dark tunnel until we see the light.

Not to mention, we hold expectations; we shouldn’t; we shouldn’t allow any negativity to affect our own. There’s so much beauty in life rather than being into your feelings when it is isn’t necessary. And trust, it takes a lot of strength to overcome the obstacles in our heads that we face, as misfits.


There’s this woman named, Mother Earth; she is our universe and is rejuvenating; she is pure; she is love, she is around us and is reliable for shedding some light on life and the many concepts that consume it. Mother Earth embraces our souls and spreads a plethora of energy within us.

My soul is unique, your soul is unique, our souls are everlasting, and a part of who we are; so mold it to be beautiful, like the ocean, or the trees.

Remember, good souls spread good vibes; good vibes makes your soul feel good. Why not spread it around?

Why not capture every moment? Capture every moment; capture nature; capture trees. I randomly go outside, I surround myself with nature, and capture that. It’s important to capture moments because when you’re gone, it’s all you’ve got.

Now that I’ve become personally in tune with my spiritual side, I’m beginning to feel the connection between everything and everyone. Human connection matters; and once others feel your vibrations, they know a little bit about you based on the vibes. Energy follows you everywhere you go and others that are in tuned with their energy can sense yours.

I’m a firm believer in Karma. What you put out into the earth comes back around; that’s why, it’s so important for us all to sow good into the world. What goes around, comes around....

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