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Popped up perfectly....

Last weekend, I popped up perfectly at the pop up shop in the Lauderhill Mall! Now, this was my first experience hosting my own vendor booth and I must say that it was nothing short of freaking amazing!

Hidden, but always discovered somehow like a rare gem.

The strong desire to stay hidden always finds me. Someone, somewhere vibes with my vision, and understands the inner workings of peace manifested through the energy placed into the world. It’s not so odd, if you pay attention. For example, many of the customers who stopped by the booth had prior knowledge of the properties and benefits of sage, crystals, and incense. One woman, stopped by, grazed at the table and said, “I need to stock up on some of this, I need it”, eying the sage, she told me needed to get that heavy weight and energy up off of her and out of her house! I felt so liberated, as I handed her her items and receipts. Yes MA'AM!

We were set up in the middle strip of the mall where the passersby frequented and looked for knick knacks. I was honored to be positioned by some of the seasoned vendors, who showed a newbie like me so much love, respect, and tips for the structure of the mall and what the vibe and customers are like and overall what to expect. Much love to the customers AND vendors who purchased merchandise from me and of course, the love is always mutual- I showed my support and love too. I got myself some paparazzi jewelry, a dope basketball purse with graffiti art, African Shea Butter(which was the bomb, by the way), and I had one of the best herbalife smoothies. I’ve never even had an Herbalife smoothie before. Not only have I never had an Herbalife smoothie, but I challenged the creator to create a blend a mix that she doesn't typically blend and it was, mhm- mhm delicious. When she tried a little taste of it, of course she liked it and she recommended it to other customers, who also enjoyed it. It was a whole vibe! We were all intrigued by each other and how passionate we were about our craft and our businesses and our energy just matched, I love those types of interactions.

There was just so much comradery and human connection with the other vendors who are turning their passions into a reality; and this time, some gems were dropped on me! And I love learning new things. Every vendor had a vision and made sacrifices to turn their passions into a reality and they were not afraid to share those sacrifices verbally amongst our vendor group. Some vendors utilize this as a side hustle, some utilize it full time, and some have a desire to continue the side hustle with a 9 to 5 until it becomes lucrative to dive full force into entrepreneurship with their brands. Everyone had a unique story that tied into their brand, whether it be a love to share affordable luxuries to others, personal experiences in business, educational experiences, or it is simply just a calling. It’s refreshing to be able to physically step out of your own element and into the element of others, who share the same vision and/or are on mission to the vision.

Its's all about spreading teachable moments, gems, and words of wisdom to uplift and support each other with the intent to think outside of the box and learn something new and do something different to attain peace.A young girl and her mom stopped by the booth and the young girl, who had to be in high school was so fascinated by how beautiful the crystals were and once I explained to her how they possess a strong energy and are of the earth. Immediately, she was sold. Not only by the dollar, but spiritually and intellectually, which is the most rewarding when you're in the healing and growing business. BIGGGG shout out to the Lauderhill Mall for providing a platform where Black Women in business can network with each other, where they can support each other, and where they can reap the rewards of sleepless nights of turning a passion into a reality. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and I can’t wait for the next one on Feb 26th and 27th!

Until next time...


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