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Lib3r8ed Soulful Starter Kits:

If you're adventurous, are willing to seek knowledge in a unique way, and question universal concepts; there's always a beginning to that. Something simple, explanatory of what's what, why it matter, and what these materials do for you, is the ultimate starter kit to a part of #liberation.

From observation and chatting with customers, most have no clue what the bare necessities are to achieve their desired goal in self discovery, exploration of new concepts, and exploration. I sold white sage incense to a customer at a pop up shop in the local #browardcounty community. Check out the blog, "Popped up Perfectly" for more deets on the experience. Anyhow, after I sold the customer the sage incense, she came back to my stand the next day, just browsing around and noticed the display of the incense held in the incense ash catcher and she said, "I'm glad I came back because I wouldn't have know these go together and I wouldn't have know what to do with the incense without the ash catcher". I thought to myself, why didn't I offer her that in the first place. I guess I assumed she had one, or didn't wan't one, or that she didn't care, silly me! After further thought, I realized it was because she didn't know, not because of any of my conspiracies! This inspired the Lib3r8ed soulful started kits laughing on May 18th 2022, designed to give you the basic materials for burning sage, using crystals, burning incense, and manifesting the vibes you desire.

Each Lib3r8ed starter kit serves a different purpose and has the tools you need to get you started on your journey. There are three kits:

  1. Soulful Sage Starter Kit

This kit is fun and simple and contains a piece of sage of your choice, an abalone shell, and tripod stands to sit the abalone shell down into while burning your sage.

2. Soulful Crystal Starter Kit

There are three basic stones in this kit which include raw clear quartz, raw purple amethyst, and raw obsidian. Check out the forum, "Know thy Crystals" , for more deets on how to use your crystals.

3. Soulful Vibes Starter Kit

Designed to help you achieve and manifest the vibe you want to create. This starter kit contains a candle of your choice- Rhonda Rose Candle, Mary Edith White Sage Candle, and Love Juice Candle with OUD incense, and an incense ash catcher.

The materials at Lib3r8ed are natural, raw, and straight from the earth. Why are people so afraid of crystals when they are of the earth and back to the earth we must go? Sign up for our exclusive membership community for special access to create a form, comment, and be a part of the Lib3r8ed community. Get your starter kit and share your experiences with the community!

Peace, love, and light...

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