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Head First Dive Into The Soul

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Let’s dive into the soul, all gas and no brakes! SKUURRT! I ask so many questions because a). I have a high resistance to persuasion and b). I appreciate doing my own research to determine if that idea is something relatable, smothered in some truth, or even uncovering some fallacies.

When I say that we're bound to the perception and perspective of others in the face of reality, I'm saying we forgo questioning the ideas concerning the humanities and asking questions like: What is a soul? This is partly because to some it doesn’t fit their mindset, or they never stumbled upon the thought to question it- and that’s ok.

Now, I’m about to do what I came here to do.Let’s examine it; What is a soul? Do you even know? Soul, my friends, is a subjective, internal movement that only you can exalt out into the world.

Soul is exemplified through artistry, speeches, style. Hmmmm… Let’s begin by evaluating this perspective: everything is up for questioning on the first 48, or when your employer with the hair piece dramaticizes and critiques you for not holding the same ethical values; that’ across all spectrums and isn't limited to unmentioned realms of society too. The values and ethics critiqued resulting opposing views; now, become a question of the soul and whether it is subjective, or objective? We might as well keep moving from there now.

I don’t want to sit up here (in the words of my boy Eric from the uncomfortable conversations podcast :) ) and ramble off google definitions because that plays into the construct of believing what society tells us a soul is which isn’t one hundred percent true; however, there are various forms to detach from societal right and wrong truth, to a level of self truth. Musicians like Kendrick Lamar and artists like Jean Michael Basquiat, represent a slice of what the true essence of soul represents in this capitalist empire. When you hear someone say, “ I feel like the whole world want me pray for them, but who the fu%k prayin’ for me”, exudes soul and expresses the one-sidedness of relationships and expectations around the world and when dealing with people. Kendrick Lamar said that by the way, and he followed it up with, “ain't nobody prayin’’- like the disparity and lack of confidence in reciprocation from the very people who say they love and support you provides a glimpse of what it means to be human and what it means to FEEL. Soul is a feeling making it one of the primary reasons it’s subjective. How soul is portrayed in it’s truth; through vulnerability, is what resonates with others who resonate, and never imagined someone else shares the same sentiments.

Dying a young legend isn’t so bad after all. We're livng to die, so in the mean time, we execute our purpose, then we’re done. “To die a young legend, or live a long life unfulfilled because you want to change a world, but while alive you never will, cuz they only feel you after you’re gone.”- J.cole. The leads me to the examination and resilience of Jean Michael Basquiat. I used that J.cole line because Basquiat died at the age of 27 of a heroin overdose- let me say this, I don’t say that to mimic typical media as a way to point out the choices he made that perhaps, causes a glitch in the moral compass for some. I look at it as, this was his way to cope with racism, and unfortunately, the pressures of a society that wasn’t created for him impacted him deeply. Born Haitian and Puerto rican, he left his parents home at the age of 17 and began producing art with a punk group during times of racism, which was a catalyst for him to portray the world through the true lenses of what life was for him at that time and how it impacted him as a HUMAN being. There wasn’t much black art highlighted in the 1980’s. Basquiat said, “The black person is the protagonist in most of my paintings. I realized that I didn't see many paintings with black people in them”. WOW! Imagine that. Throughout the chaos, Basquiat deeply examined his life through another coping skill, and that being art; “I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life.” Those thoughts as he worked were exposed in his art. In 2022, he leaves a legacy behind that we will never forget and that’s still an ongoing battle.

Our souls are our identity, what’s inside your soul matters depending on what you consider soul to be- because there are a plethora of subjective ideals in our society. Come to a conclusive understanding of what’s inside your soul and on the next blog, we’ll dig deeper into what is in a soul, but in the meantime-take a peek at our healing shop and on the next blog, we’ll examine what exactly is in a soul.

Peace, love, and light to you all.

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