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A Whole New Vibe.....

Hey, Hey! I’m Carla Coley- mom, life long philosopher, and truth seeker. Truth be told, life is rough and I don’t have it all figured out myself. We get so caught up into following the social norms of capitalism, appearances, fame, clout, and religion. Everything we think we know, we in fact, do not.

That realization cuts deep and brews internal conflict. When you research and explore other forms of reference, the information hits differently. You may, or may not change your views and the intent is not to change what your views are, but to challenge you to examine them on another level, that the world isn’t ready for; know the facts and how we’re conditioned to be individuals outside of our own individuality.

Even more so, I created Lib3r8ed as a soulful company that exposes an insatiable desire for deeper knowledge. Binded by social constructs, we’re blinded by perception in the eyes of reality. This loss of sight is the culprit to the dismantling of the truth in what it means to be human.

Stripping mankind of humanistic tendencies is a devaluation to the truth in who we are. We are truth seekers establishing a foundation for other truth seekers to be free in the exploration of Paeidia.

Lib3r8ed, is for men and women who aspire to broach upon painful and (preferably)non painful truths. Through confronting these truths, questions arise and we ask them, because we don’t fully know the truth, even if we know parts of it, or back to the basics- we know nothing at all. This is more than a brand, it’s a movement transforming the minds of those who’ve identified that everything they thought they knew, they now know they don’t. Imagine how much hidden information floats around society suggesting the propaganda, social constructs, and the history behind the entire world, and some things we’ve learned are a big contradiction?

It’s a source of concern-you care because peace is essential. The physical enhances the mental; hence, why the products displayed in our store are uniquely crafted to engage your chakras, mind, body, and soul through the liberating properties they embody.

Thank you to all who’ve taken the time to read this blog and a very special thanks to everyone who helped make the Lib3r8ed movement come to life. Catch ya on the next one!

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